About us

Why the name HOG VALLEY MC?
Hog Valley is a free translation of the
Hogdal. ("Hog" comes from the
name of this part of the country
and do
not have anything to do with
the Harley
Group, although several
drives a Harley-Davidson.)
The founders
of the club comes from
and Överhogdal. This area
called Hogdal.

The district is on both sides of the border between the provinces Härjedalen and Hälsingland. The catchment area for Members extends even into the provinces of Jämtland and Medelpad. The area is crossed by the road E 45 and is very scenic with vast forests, beautiful lakes and rivers and has much to offer tourists in the form of wilderness adventure and culture. The road network is very suitable for motorcycle rides both on the major paved roads and lots of miles with fine gravel. More about Hogdal district here!

The idea to start the club HOG VALLEY MC was initiated in late 2007, at the initiative of
three motorcycle enthusiasts from Ytterhogdal and Överhogdal. Bikers from across the district
 joined rapidly and the first annual meeting, with the official formation, was conducted
. See the members and our bikes here!

The idea with this club is to bring together people with the same MC-interest, for common excursions
events. The idea is to create a nice time together and give members the opportunity to, with
good friends
, get out on the roads. We would also actively seek contact with other clubs that has
the same role.

Kanji Man, Ytterhogdal
Flying Swede, Ytterhogdal
El Lobo, Överhogdal

"The joy is to travel, not to arrive."
Diane Sawyer